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Cat Carrier Travel Bag

Do you want to take your cat everywhere, with no stress? Look no further than the Cat Carrier Travel Bag. With a massive clear window, they'll be able to enjoy the outdoors and breathable holes to allow proper ventilation. 

Key Features:

  • Breathable - Each carrier comes with small holes to allow for air to pass in and out, as well as a little mesh pocket.
  • Design - Top quality design, with a transparent window - prevent your cat from feeling anxious, allow them to see. As well as the spacious, comfort inside the carrier.

  • Cat Flaps - Each carrier has a mesh, unzippable cat flap on either side, so if you decide your cat can go explore, its as easy as unzipping the side. 
  • Backpack - The convenience of carrying your cat around via a backpack, keep them safe and know they're nearby. Backpack is lightweight.
  • Durable Materials - Transparent cover made by high-quality transparent PC shell. Oxford cloth is waterproof and anti-scratching.

Create a lovely calming space for your cat on your adventures, with plenty of room to add toys, cushions etc. Available in 4 different colours. For any sizing enquiries, please refer to the image below.