Hybrid Memory Foam Pillow With Cervical Support & Arm Hole

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No more aching arms or uncomfortable neck pain.

Our Hybrid Memory Foam Pillow with Cervical Support & Arm Hole is designed to give superior comfort and superior neck and shoulder support. The soft memory foam pillow contours to your body's shape, while the armhole provides additional support for your arms and shoulders and improves circulation. Get a good night's rest with total relaxation.

Single or couples pillow!

Due to its large size, this pillow can also be used as a couples pillow. Allowing you and your partner to relax and cuddle without either of you becoming uncomfortable (we know this happens!). Thanks to the memory foam pillows arm hole, enjoy restful and cosy cuddlesome nights with your other half.

Suitable For Everyone - No Matter Which Side You Sleep On

Two designs available for left arm sleeps and right arm sleepers! We recommend choosing the pillow that matches the arm you use more often to sleep on. For example, if you like to put your left arm under your pillow when sleeping, we suggest selecting the 'Left Arm' pillow.