Automatic Pet Food & Water Dispenser

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Automatic Pet Food & Water Dispensers

We all love our food and drink and it's no different with our pets - we have an all new automatic food and water dispenser for your furry friends. You can either buy food/water individually or buy both as a pair and get the second at better than half price.

Key Features:

  • Convenience & Automation - You won't have to stand around and refill the food or drink for your pet, this machine once topped up will refill whenever necessary.
  • Space & Versatility - Each machine is designed to take up as little space as possible and works upward rather than taking up floor space. 

  • Easy to Use - Just remove the top lid and enter food & drink to your designated feeder. Effective water capacity is 3.8L, 2.1kg food.

To keep your pets food fresh and healthy keep it away from the light. For sizing of dispensers as well as effective capacity please refer to the two images below: