Portable Mini Air Cooler Fan

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Experience Cool, Comfortable Air with Our New Portable Air Cooler Fan

Features New 3 In 1 Air Cooler Design

This portable mini air cooler fan offers three functions in one unit: fan, humidifier, and cooling. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable temperature while also maintaining the right level of humidity in your surroundings. This feature is particularly useful for those living in dry climates or for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. In addition, this air cooler fan saves energy and helps you save on electricity bills!

USB Power, Large Water Tank

The compact size and lightweight design of this personal air cooler make it easy to carry and use anywhere you go. The unit is powered by USB, which means you can easily connect it to a laptop, power bank, or any other USB input device. It has an easy-to-fill, large 300ml water tank that you can directly unscrew from the top to add water or ice cubes. The large capacity of the water tank means you don't have to refill it frequently.

Beautiful Light, Quiet, and Relaxing 

This mini air cooler fan also features 7 colors RGB LED atmosphere light that you can switch on or off with the push of a button. This feature can be used to create a relaxing ambiance in your room, and it can also be used as a night light. This personal air cooler operates at a low noise level of 55 DB, which makes it quiet and undisturbed. 

5-Speed Fast Cooling, Timer Functions

This personal air cooler provides 5 wind modes that you can adjust to meet your needs. The atomization technology helps to evaporate moisture and lower the temperature of the surrounding air, which provides fast cooling and helps you stay comfortable in hot weather. This portable mini air cooler fan also features a programmable timer that allows you to plan the operation time. 

USB Rechargeable, Eco-friendly 

This air conditioner comes with a USB data cable that you can easily connect to various USB input devices, such as laptops, power banks, and others. This highly efficient air cooler has a built-in anti-dust filter that makes the air quality cleaner. 

Key Features:

  • USB-powered for easy portability and convenience
  • Large 300ml water tank with easy-to-use lid for adding water or ice cubes
  • 7-color LED lights can be used as a night light or atmosphere light
  • Low noise level of 55dB for quiet and undisturbed operation
  • 4-in-1 upgrade portable air conditioner with built-in 300ml large water tank
  • 5-speed fast cooling with adjustable wind modes to meet your needs
  • Programmable timer with 0-6 hour settings for customized operation


  • Type: Air Conditioner
  • Size: Mini
  • Features: 5-in-1 Design 
  • Material: ABS Material