Ultralight Heated Sleeping Bag

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Ultralight Heated Sleeping Bag

When camping it can be cold and you may find it difficult to warm up or even sleep in low temperatures. No need to worry our Heated Sleeping Bag will solve your problems.

Key Features: 

  • Heated - Each sleeping bag has THREE heated temperatures, which can be adjusted via the button on the bag. The max power is 9W and this will consume the battery quicker. Please see the power consumption diagram and the bottom of the page for more information. 

  • Comfort - Each sleeping bag is especially comfortable and can be used as a normal sleeping bag without the heated power supply. For sizing references please refer to the image at the bottom of the description.
  • Waterproof - Each sleeping bag has a highly waterproof shell fabric and can be machine washed. When washing please close the USB cap.

  • Design - Sleeping bag can be compressed to a smaller size so you are able to travel and hike with ease. It is lightweight and portable.

The bags are 9W power consumption and have 3 power consuming modes - Red, Blue & Green. The highest mode on red provides a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius/122 Fahrenheit. High Green is 45 degrees Celsius/113 Fahrenheit & High Blue is 40 degrees Celsius/104 Fahrenheit. The electric pads are turned on via a button that is protected by a USB waterproof connected cap. Red heating power is 9W, Blue is 7W and Green 5W. The sleeping bag can be used as a normal sleeping bag without power supply. 

The diagram below is based on 10000mAH power bank capacity.

For sizing reference please take a look at the image below: