Underwater Fishing Camera

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Underwater Fishing Camera

A must have for all fishermen: the perfect gift. You are able to see underwater to up to 50m with our fish finding camera. Available in 3 lengths, 15m, 30m and 50m it's suitable for all types of fishing in all conditions, with a 7" screen display.

Key Features: 

  • 7" Color Display - Each monitor shows clear HD images in color as well as coming with a sun-visor for the bright outdoor environment. 

  • Cable Design - Cold-resistant, waterproof and pull resistant cables.
  • LED's - Each camera comes with 4 different LED options: White LED, IR LED, all LED and LED Off. Each setting allows you to also adjust the brightness of the LED to obtain a better quality image.

  • Camera Quality - Each camera has a 90 degree viewing angle and can have a visible distance of 1-3m in clear water depending on LED brightness.

Each package includes:

Case & Monitor, Camera & Cable, Battery, Charger, Float, Sun Visor, Accessories, Cover, Bandage and Manual. The camera size is 38.5mm in height with an extended length of 164mm. The battery life can last to around 8 hours before needing to be charged. 15M camera and cable can be purchased separately. 

Please see the image below for the package contents - if ordering a camera and monitor: